About Becar

BECAR ASSET MANAGEMENT is Russia's largest real estate and investment company. Currently, the company is actively engaged in its own investment and development projects in Russia, the UK, the UAE and the USA.

From 2011, Becar began its development in the foreign market, as our capital and interest increased and, accordingly, our needs also changed.
We serve both business clients and individual investors. We structure their fortune, manage syndicated and individual real estate investments, direct investments.

Our relationships with wealthy clients successfully develop in an atmosphere of mutual respect and productive cooperation based on time-tested professionalism, trust and impressive results.

For 26 years, Becar’s founders have run the company and have been working tirelessly to develop it.

Therefore, our customers have a huge advantage: they can solve their problems with people who are in a similar financial situation and have similar goals, desires, values and ambitions.

Welcome to the partnership with Becar Asset Management!